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About Us

The Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health Study, or Atlantic PATH as we usually call ourselves, is part of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project, the largest study of its kind ever undertaken in Canada. This national study is investigating how genetics, the environment, lifestyle, and behavior contribute to the development of chronic diseases. The study will follow the health of 300,000 people for 30 years in British ColumbiaAlbertaOntarioQuebec, as well as here in Atlantic Canada.


This investigation is particularly important for Atlantic Canada, which has the highest rates of cancer in the country. Every year, more than 13,400 Atlantic Canadians are diagnosed with cancer and 6,300 die as a result. The disease truly does touch everyone living in this region, either personally or through family and friends.

Here on the East Coast, Atlantic PATH has recruited over 35,000 participants from all over the Atlantic Provinces.

The samples and information they have provided will help researchers find out why some people develop certain chronic diseases and others don’t, so that we can find new ways of preventing these diseases. It will also help us find new ways to diagnose chronic diseases earlier, when they can be easier to treat.

Did you move, change your phone number, or switched email addresses?

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