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What’s happening now?

What’s happening now?


Map_AtlanticCanadaThe Research has started using the PATH Research Platform. We are actively encouraging researchers in the region and through the rest of Canada and indeed the world to use our unique resource.

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We are making our current information even more valuable.


A major part of this is linking our data with information that comes from the cancer registries, vital statistics, and the various provincial health insurance schemes in the four Atlantic Provinces. We are asking the responsible government departments for this information from as far back as is possible until now. For some places this could include information from the 1990’s.

This will mean that we do not only have a snapshot of participants when they first took part in the study, but can also see how their health has been in the past and what happens to them over time.

Catch-up Questionnaire

We are inviting our participants to give us more information on topics of high research interest. We are implementing a short survey to allow us to catch-up with our participants

Adding Value

Finally, researchers using our information for specific investigations may enrich our database. One example of this is the Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds. Information from studies like this will be added to our PATH database making it ever more valuable over time.

Did you move, change your phone number, or switched email addresses?

Let us know! Being a 30 year study, It's important that we are able to stay in touch with our participants. Click here to update your information

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