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The Atlantic PATH Study is part of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project which has 300,000 participants from across the country who shared information about their health, lifestyle, environment, and behaviours. The Atlantic PATH Research Platform is specifically designed for the use of Canadian and international researchers and we invite you to learn more about our data.
The Platform includes data from approximately 31,000 participants, aged 35-69, from the Atlantic Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. This data includes information on genetics, lifestyle, behaviour, and environment, as well as physical measures including anthropometric measurements, blood, urine, saliva, and toenails. We are also adding linkage data for participants from provincial health databases from all four Atlantic Provinces.

Overview of Atlantic PATH Data

Biological Samples

Atlantic PATH has approximately 134,000 primary biological samples from 32,500 participants. The biological samples collected include venous blood samples, dried blood spots, urine, saliva, and toenails.  An overview of the collection and storage of the biological samples can be seen here.

Questionnaire Data

Two primary questionnaires were implemented, including the Core Questionnaire which provides health history and lifestyle factors and Questions Unique to the Atlantic Provinces which provides additional information and some more in-depth survey questions.

Core Questionnaire

The core questionnaire was completed by all participants in Atlantic PATH (n=~31,000) and by participants across the country participating in the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow project (n=~300,000). It includes questions about demographics, health status, medical history including cancer diagnoses, men’s health, women’s health, medication use, family health history, sleep patterns, sunlight exposure, diet and alcohol consumption, tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure, physical activity (short form IPAC), and anthropometric measurements.

Questions Unique to the Atlantic Provinces

This questionnaire was completed by 13,800 participants includes additional questions to provide data that are unique to the Atlantic Provinces. It includes questions about cooking and water sources, allergies, diet, depression, weight, exercise (long form IPAC), residential history, and occupational and environmental health.

To review the original questionnaires, click on the links below:

Accessing Atlantic PATH Data

The data and samples collected as part of Atlantic PATH are available to the academic research community through a formal data application process. Researchers must have ethics approval from their institution and must complete a Data Access Form which will be reviewed by Atlantic PATH’s Data Access Committee.

An overview of the data sample access plan is presented in the diagram below. The complete process can be viewed here.

Data Access Diagram for Website

There are cost-recovery fees associated with accessing Atlantic PATH data.

Relevant documents include:

The Data and Biosample Access Policy is effective for applications received after May 2016.

For more information about this process, please contact David Thompson, Director of Operations.

Accessing National Data

The data and samples collected from the other regions participating in the national project are also available for researchers to access through the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project Portal. Details on application process details are available online and questions can be directed via email as well.

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