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Atlantic PATH Research Platform

Atlantic PATH Research Platform

The Research Platform is a unique resource for Canadian and International Researchers interested in health services, health utilization, population health and epidemiological research.


Data provided by Atlantic PATH Participants 

31,000 participants, aged 35-69 have entrusted us with detailed information about genetics, lifestyle, behavior, and their environment.

Participants provided this study data through the following two questionnaires:

CPTP Core Questionnaire

This questionnaire was completed by all Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) participants across the country (n=~300,000), including Atlantic PATH participants (n=~31,000).

The harmonized data for participants from across Canada is available through the CPTP Project Portal. Details about the application process are available online and questions can be directed to

This data includes information about:

  • demographics
  • health status
  • men’s health
  • medical history including chronic disease diagnoses
  • medication use
  • family health history
  • physical activity (short form IPAQ)
  • sleep patterns
  • sunlight exposure
  • diet and alcohol consumption
  • physical measurements
  • women’s health
  • tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure

Measured Physical Indices:  body composition, blood pressure, grip strength, height, weight, waist and hip circumference.

Biological samples include

    • Blood samples (64%, ~23,000 participants)
      • Red blood cells
      • Buffy coat
      • Blood serum
      • Blood plasma
    • Blood spots (33%, ~12,000 participants)
    • Urine (36%, ~13,000 participants)
    • Saliva (25%, ~9,000 participants)
    • Toenails (85%, ~30,500 participants)The questionnaire

Questions Unique to the Atlantic Provinces

Completed by ~21,000 Atlantic PATH participants, this questionnaire includes information about:

  • cooking and water sources,
  • allergies,
  • diet,
  • depression,
  • weight,
  • exercise (long form IPAQ),
  • residential history, and
  • occupational and environmental health.

Longitudinal follow-up: Participants are currently completing a Follow-Up Questionnaire that will provide longitudinal data. New variables include marijuana and e-cigarette use. More details will be available once the data has been added to the Research Platform

 Linkage Data:

We are enriching the Research Platform with comprehensive routinely collected health care, health services, and population health data.  Approved Researchers will have access to longitudinal, person-specific, de-identified health data linked to our data from the following Atlantic Provincial databases:

  • Cancer Registries
  • Physician Billing
  • Hospital Discharge Abstracts
  • Vital Statistics (death)
  • Hospital-based and community-based ambulatory care, including emergency rooms.


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